On Music and The Art of Letting People Go

One of the things that going through so much death in my world has really taught me is the art of letting people go. Growing up as a child of divorced parents, it seems as if this lesson was one that from the very beginning I was destined to learn. I think of it as being towards the very top of the list of things I came to this planet to learn. If you find that you are having trouble with it, don’t beat yourself up. You aren’t the only one who has struggled with it. I can tell you that I had to take the letting go test numerous, numerous times and failed it over and over again. I even got so familiar with the letting-people-go test that I could predict how and when a leaving would come about and then be completely helpless to prevent or affect it… and that ladies and gentlemen, was exactly why I kept failing it.It is ironic that as an artist and a musician, I took me so long to recognize that the entirety of the Universe is a song. It is comprised of waves of particle energy that vibrate at different frequencies… creating different worlds… different songs… in every direction. We are vibrating waves of particle energy — all of us. We are music… and music is comprised of sound and silence. Because different people are all vibrating on different energy levels it is natural that harmonizing frequencies would cluster together and dissonant frequencies would move apart. Our ears understand this but for some reason, it takes our hearts and minds a little longer. We want to hold on in so many cases. I know that I did.We tell ourselves that the chords of the past are the only ones we know how to play… or the only ones we have heard. We believe certain people must be part of our lives because they “should” or they “were” without ever considering the Universe is always composing new melodies for us to discover. If someone is truly meant to be a part of my world — if our destinies are intertwined or if we have in our hearts made spiritual contracts with other souls, whether that person appears here as my father, my mother, my partner, my children, my boss — whomever, they will be part of my world. It won’t matter what you do or say, that person will be there. They will stay in your world.In other words, those people who have already committed to you spiritually will be part of your journey — no matter what and those that choose to leave or have already left — it was never in the plan for them to stay during this set of lessons in your life. What that person had to teach you is either already completed or can no longer progress with the circumstances as they are. So that person exits. Don’t be afraid. Learn to stop being angry at them and blaming them for your hurt and pain. Let them go! Let… them… go. It isn’t their “fault”. Holding on to someone who has nothing left to teach you and forcing them to stay in your world is spiritually selfish. Holding on to other people (whether it is physically or emotionally) also prevents the other soul from progressing on their life journey.Frankly, holding on to another soul like that after the lesson is already over prevents you from moving on as well. We all have to learn to trust in what we cannot see or always understand with our physical senses. We all have to learn to be still. We all have to learn to have faith that what truly belongs to us, will always appear in our world in the form of new people, new situations or new relationships. Everything our soul needs is always already here in this place. Close your eyes and listen…Musically speaking, your answer will sound like an overtone…

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